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image Advertisement & media in India: advertisement & media means of informing as well as influencing the general public to buy products or services through visual or oral messages. A product or service is advertised to create awareness in the minds of potential buyers. Find in India, media publishing companies in India and media production houses in India for advertisement & media services in India. Business directory of advertising agencies and consultants in India. Find advertisement & media providers in India search information of advertisement & media provider’s services, offices and shops. Find phone numbers, addresses, map, email id, my offers, see ratings & re
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Accountant is a professional who maintains the accounts of various kinds of small or medium scale business be it maintaining balance sheets, ledgers or any other data relating to book keeping. Though this is not considered as one of the glamorous profession even after attaining so much importance but its presence and indispensability cannot be ignored now-a-days. Like every other profession this is also providing a lot of opportunities to earn handsome money to the younger generation throughout the world specially developing countries like India.   With the shifting of interest of the present day youth from government jobs towards self employment/entrepreneurship the scope of the su
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The cultural landscape and archaeological remains of the Bamiyan Valley represent the artistic and religious developments which from the 1st to the 13th centuries characterized ancient Bakhtria, integrating various cultural influences into the Gandhara school of Buddhist art. The area contains numerous Buddhist monastic ensembles and sanctuaries, as well as fortified edifices from the Islamic period. The site is also testimony to the tragic destruction by the Taliban of the two standing Buddha statues, which shook the world in March 2001.   Criterion (i): The Buddha statues and the cave art in Bamiyan Valley are an outstanding representation of the Gandharan school in Buddhist art i
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image Image credit: gynti_46/Flickr Even ads that provoke negative attention are better than ads that viewers don’t retain. Whether your audience is a narrow niche or wide, thousands of competitors reach out for that group’s attention. Most use similar catch phrases and calls to action that all begin to blend as one. Exciting guarantees and yes, even the magical “Free!” can fail to sound riveting to potential customers.

While the visual aspects of a marketing campaign play an enormous role in its effectiveness, establishing the tone of your advertising content is critical to showcasing your business and what it uniquely offers.

The persona of
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image     What makes an app successful? There are many factors that determine the success of an app, but if you study the journey of each of the current crop of big apps, you can draw a few common threads between them.

If your app meets these criteria, chances of your app succeeding are higher in a marketplace where millions of apps are screaming for attention.

1. Solve a problem. Every successful app you see in the app store solves a problem. The app solves it so well that those customers cannot imagine going about their lives doing the same things without the app.

Ask before starting, is this a problem worth solving? Is it really that bi
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image Every person who ever clocked in at work has had this thought: “If this were my business, I would run things differently.”

But what happens when you actually have the chance to buy the business you work for? I found out in 2006 when I purchased GroupBaronet, the marketing company where I’d been working for eight years. I was only 31 years old, and I transitioned from manager to owner almost overnight.

The lessons I learned as I drastically changed roles helped me honor the business I valued enough to purchase, bond with a core team of star players and take the rebranded company, MasonBaronet, to the next level of success I dreamed of.
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image New York: Feeling hungry all the time is one of the major reasons why most diets fail. Shun the unhealthy ones and go for the fuller and healthy substitutes to make diet successful. shares a list of healthy and satisfying food items:

* Apples: Eat an apple approximately a half hour before a meal -- the fiber and water from the fruit will fill you up, so you'll eat less, says Debra Wein, RD, president of Wellness Workdays, a provider of worksite wellness programs.

* Avocados: Eating half of an avocado with your lunch may help you feel full for the rest of the afternoon, according to a study published in Nutrition Journal.
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image Our eyes dubbed as the light of our body, need special care before they are being damaged. But many of us take this precious gift for granted, though we depend on them more than any other sense.

Remember, when our eyes are healthy, our whole body is full of light. But, when our eyes are unhealthy, our body gets filled with darkness.

Here are five foods that will keep your eyes healthy:

Carrots: Carrots are rich in beta carotene (Vitamin A), which is a powerful antioxidant that can help reduce the risk of macular degeneration and cataracts.

Spinach: Spinach is packaged with Vitamin C, beta carotene and large amounts of lutein and zea
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Pagerank 3 Forums & Website Link for SEO  Page Rank forum discussing tips and ... To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. List Of Pagerank 3 Forums
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One of the fastest growing methods for enhancing a web site’s traffic is to submit your site on Pagerank 4 Forums with Dofollow SEO friendly forums to the top ranked Pagerank 4 Forums & Pagerank 4 website. An Pagerank 4 is a web site which hosts typically searchable   Pagerank 4 website Links http://www.styl
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Pagerank 5 Forums that you can use to build your search engine rankings. Create profiles in these forums and add your link with proper anchor text to your profile and signature (if available). Then post relevant content in the forum or get a list of all your profile URL’s and create an RSS Feed and Ping this out.
  List of Pagerank 5 Forums

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Since every blogger are aware that how inbound dofollow links are necessary for any websites or websites. Since we see that most of the ProBloggers creating dofollow hyperlinks by doing guest posting a lot of them used there web site links in propagated templates while a lot of us using forums to create high-quality backlinks for blog. To get hyperlinks and juice via High PR community forums or blog it is quite very important for ones blog to receive genuine & good quality backlinks.

SO Increase Backlinks by Do Follow Pagerank 6 Forums y Backlinks  Traffic If you may continuously using like high PR web site or forums then there is no doubt to get high PR list for blog
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Top High Pagerank 7 Dofollow Forums 2014 list, Since all the the highest most popular search engines like google have included this specific additional features in theirs algorithm, to help keep an eyes upon all high PR blogs and status them well looking result. So for those who have not yet developed any quality backlink then decide yourself and start from today.

Top Pagerank 7 Forums Dofollow Forums: Remember: Do not leave any single forum after getting registration or creating links continuously it will not help but instead of it you will be caught by forum owner. Spend sometime on every forum you signed up.
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 Pagerank 8 Forums text links on high pagerank sites. Pagerank 8 Forums   Six of the above websites are Pagerank 8 Forums available.

There are about 40 links(internal+external) on the homepages approx.

Try a search at google for 'pagerank 8' and see the fourth result.  
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image One of my company's co-founders, Jeremy Weir, recently spent a weekend surfing with Uber co-founder Ryan Graves, enjoying talks about upending markets and fundamentally changing businesses.

He returned from the trip having had an epiphany and possessed a renewed sense of excitement as we prepared to launch into a new vertical. Because Jeremy typically works by himself in a remote office, Graves’ influence proved to be a huge asset.

It all proves that the company that a businessperson keeps can have a profound effect on him or her and subsequently the success of a business.

Renowned businessman Jim Rohn once said, “You’re the
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image Blake Andrews, the founder of Giveback Homes, a venture that brings philanthropy to the real estate industry. Image credit: Giveback Homes Creativity has rebooted business. Discover how through this ongoing series featuring unique products, services and technologies, as well as the personalities who have turned their dreams into our realities.

Can anything make buyers trust real estate agents? A new startup for the housing industry is hoping its service will do just that.

Giveback Homes, which launched in August, is a network of real estate agents, home builders, mortgage brokers and interior designers. Members pay $50 each month to get listed on Giveback Home
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image Big data is giving businesses game-changing insight into their customers and industries. In this series, learn more about how the power of big data is helping executives and managers make smarter decisions.
Market Research Has Lost Its Mojo. But Here's How It Can Get It Back.

In the 1920s when Charles Coolidge Parlin started National Analysts, a research division at Curtis Publishing Company, he became a pioneer in market research and revolutionized how companies gained insight about their customers. Fast-forward 70 years and little had changed. I would know: I’m the son of lifelong Canadian pollster Angus Reid and founder of a company, Vision Critical, involv
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image As your business grows, it can be tough to keep up with the constant challenge of attracting, recruiting, and hiring new employees – especially those employees who are going to be game-changers for your company. Even growing companies have likely not invested heavily in their human resources departments, since many times resources go to sales, product development and marketing first. That’s why an executive recruiter can be a strong ally.

Skilled, well-connected executive recruiters can help you pinpoint and attract key talent. But, there are some essential elements to working successfully with a good recruiter, says Charley Polachi, founder of Boston-based Polachi
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image A few years ago, smartphone cameras were valued for their convenience rather than the quality of the images they produced.

Now, smartphone manufacturers are putting much more attention into beefing up the cameras on their mobile devices.

For example, Nokia has managed to squeeze 41 megapixels into the camera on its Lumia 1020.

Both Apple and HTC have focused on increasing the size of the microns on the camera sensors of their respective iPhone 5S and One smartphones In plain English, this means that these cameras are capable of absorbing more light than some of their rivals, which results in high-resolution photographs loaded with detail.
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image Image credit: Shutterstock Mother’s Day has arrived, and for me, it's bittersweet. It's my first since having lost my mother earlier this year. In her honor and to celebrate all the wonderful mothers out there, I’d like to revisit some of the great advice received over the years from them. Why? Because of a lot of it can guide an entrepreneur in growing a business.

Here’s a look at 10 classic bits of motherly advice that can help entrepreneurs:

1. Stand up straight. Whether meeting with potential investors or clients, negotiating with suppliers or interviewing job applicants, projecting an air of confidence helps. Eye contact, good po
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