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image Advertisement & media in India: advertisement & media means of informing as well as influencing the general public to buy products or services through visual or oral messages. A product or service is advertised to create awareness in the minds of potential buyers. Find in India, media publishing companies in India and media production houses in India for advertisement & media services in India. Business directory of advertising agencies and consultants in India. Find advertisement & media providers in India search information of advertisement & media provider’s services, offices and shops. Find phone numbers, addresses, map, email id, my offers, see ratings & re
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image Image credit: gynti_46/Flickr Even ads that provoke negative attention are better than ads that viewers don’t retain. Whether your audience is a narrow niche or wide, thousands of competitors reach out for that group’s attention. Most use similar catch phrases and calls to action that all begin to blend as one. Exciting guarantees and yes, even the magical “Free!” can fail to sound riveting to potential customers.

While the visual aspects of a marketing campaign play an enormous role in its effectiveness, establishing the tone of your advertising content is critical to showcasing your business and what it uniquely offers.

The persona of
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image Every person who ever clocked in at work has had this thought: “If this were my business, I would run things differently.”

But what happens when you actually have the chance to buy the business you work for? I found out in 2006 when I purchased GroupBaronet, the marketing company where I’d been working for eight years. I was only 31 years old, and I transitioned from manager to owner almost overnight.

The lessons I learned as I drastically changed roles helped me honor the business I valued enough to purchase, bond with a core team of star players and take the rebranded company, MasonBaronet, to the next level of success I dreamed of.
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image Blake Andrews, the founder of Giveback Homes, a venture that brings philanthropy to the real estate industry. Image credit: Giveback Homes Creativity has rebooted business. Discover how through this ongoing series featuring unique products, services and technologies, as well as the personalities who have turned their dreams into our realities.

Can anything make buyers trust real estate agents? A new startup for the housing industry is hoping its service will do just that.

Giveback Homes, which launched in August, is a network of real estate agents, home builders, mortgage brokers and interior designers. Members pay $50 each month to get listed on Giveback Home
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image Big data is giving businesses game-changing insight into their customers and industries. In this series, learn more about how the power of big data is helping executives and managers make smarter decisions.
Market Research Has Lost Its Mojo. But Here's How It Can Get It Back.

In the 1920s when Charles Coolidge Parlin started National Analysts, a research division at Curtis Publishing Company, he became a pioneer in market research and revolutionized how companies gained insight about their customers. Fast-forward 70 years and little had changed. I would know: I’m the son of lifelong Canadian pollster Angus Reid and founder of a company, Vision Critical, involv
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image A few years ago, smartphone cameras were valued for their convenience rather than the quality of the images they produced.

Now, smartphone manufacturers are putting much more attention into beefing up the cameras on their mobile devices.

For example, Nokia has managed to squeeze 41 megapixels into the camera on its Lumia 1020.

Both Apple and HTC have focused on increasing the size of the microns on the camera sensors of their respective iPhone 5S and One smartphones In plain English, this means that these cameras are capable of absorbing more light than some of their rivals, which results in high-resolution photographs loaded with detail.
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image Image credit: Shutterstock Mother’s Day has arrived, and for me, it's bittersweet. It's my first since having lost my mother earlier this year. In her honor and to celebrate all the wonderful mothers out there, I’d like to revisit some of the great advice received over the years from them. Why? Because of a lot of it can guide an entrepreneur in growing a business.

Here’s a look at 10 classic bits of motherly advice that can help entrepreneurs:

1. Stand up straight. Whether meeting with potential investors or clients, negotiating with suppliers or interviewing job applicants, projecting an air of confidence helps. Eye contact, good po
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image Chennai, India: Non-life insurer Cholamandalam MS General Insurance Company Ltd. (Chola MS) will focus on increasing its corporate and health insurance business to get a gross premium of Rs. 2,500 crore this fiscal, a top company official said.

"We will now start looking at increasing our corporate or commercial lines of business (fire, transit, burglary and others) and also the health insurance. Currently only 10 percent of our business is from commercial lines," S. S. Gopalarathnam, managing director, told reporters here Tuesday.

He said the idea is to double the business from the corporate sector to 20 percent from the current levels, and the health
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image Mumbai, India: Mortgage lender Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC) Tuesday said its net profit increased by 10.79 percent to Rs. 1,723.10 crore for the quarter ended March 31, 2014.

The company had posted Rs. 1,555.21 crore profit in the like quarter of last year.

Total income of HDFC increased to Rs. 6,647.82 crore for the quarter under review as compared to Rs. 5,677.71 crore recorded in the corresponding quarter of 2012-13.

For the whole financial year 2013-14, HDFC posted a net profit of Rs. 5,440.24 crore -- 12.20 percent higher than the Rs. 4,848.34 crore net profit recorded in the previous fiscal.

Total income of t
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image Mumbai,India: US giant General Electric's (GE) open offer for shares in two India units of French engineering major Alstom SA, ran into problems Tuesday with French President Francois Hollande saying GE's $16.9 billion bid for Alstom’s energy business was "not acceptable".

In a comment unusual for a head of state to make on a private business deal, Hollande told some French radio and TV channels that "the (GE) offer is not sufficient and not acceptable".

GE Monday made an open offer to buy 25 percent shares in Alstom T&D India Ltd., and 26 percent of Alstom India Ltd., worth in total up to $389 million, only if its bid for A
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image New Delhi,India: Bharti Entreprises' founder and chairman Sunil Bharti Mittal will co-chair the World Economic Forum on Africa beginning Wednesday in Nigerian capital Abuja. The Forum will focus on sustainable healthcare and service delivery.

The event is taking place in the backdrop of significant economic growth, progress in reducing poverty in most parts of sub-Saharan Africa. This year's programme is built on three pillars - accelerating society's transformation, deepening investment partnerships and redesigning growth models.

The 24th World Economic Forum on Africa under the theme "Forging Inclusive Growth, Creating Jobs", will be atte
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image Bangalore, India: India's third largest IT bellwether Wipro Tuesday announced a partnership with the US-based Axiom Software Laboratories to provide a regulatory reporting solution to global financial institutions.

"With Axiom's expertise in regulatory reporting and risk management solutions, we will jointly address challenges faced by the financial services industry, comprising institutions, banks and insurance players," the global software major said in a statement here.

The integrated software solution will also enable financial enterprises to increase transparency, improve data integrity, granularity and traceability for regulatory complian
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image Image credit: Shutterstock Some people are hardwired with an entrepreneurial spirit, while others cultivate it over time. We all work diligently to nurture the skills and passion necessary to shoulder the risks of reimagining existing processes or bringing some brand-new idea to life.   Leaders of startups and angel investors ask me all the time how an entrepreneur at heart -- someone with a passion for taking an idea and transforming it into a thriving business -- can find satisfaction once his or her business matures. My answer is that the entrepreneurial spirit doesn’t die, and great entrepreneurs don’t have to sell and start over once their businesses strike i
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image Bill Gates, the former chief executive and chairman of Microsoft Corp, will have no direct ownership in the company he co-founded by mid-2018 if he keeps up his recent share sales.

Gates, who started the company that revolutionized personal computing with school-friend Paul Allen in 1975, has sold 20 million shares each quarter for most of the last dozen years under a pre-set trading plan.

Assuming no change to that pattern, Gates will have no direct ownership of Microsoft shares at all four years from now.

With his latest sales this week, Gates was finally eclipsed as Microsoft's largest individual shareholder by the company's other forme
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image Where have all the workers gone?

There was a push-pull in the immediate reaction to the April employment numbers. Do you focus on the drop in the unemployment rate to 6.3 percent, from 6.7 percent in March, which would ostensibly be positive news, or do you instead cast your eye on the fall in the labor force participation rate, which dropped to 62.8 percent from 63.3 percent?

The answer is that you can't look at one without the other. And, taken together, they continue to paint a frightening picture for the psychology of our labor markets.

First, let's acknowledge some good news. The U.S. economy added 288,000 jobs in April, which was hig
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image Entrepreneurship is a holistic lifestyle of better health, better ideas and a better lifestyle that you’re working toward. To make those improvements means updating your habits and to change your habits takes commitment and some tricks. One trick that has been helping make change for many is the idea of a swap. From addictions to smoking cessation to weight loss, the idea is that you don’t go cold turkey but you swap out the habit you have for one that’s better.

To be an improved version of yourself, here are some simple daily swaps you can make:

Mind: Swap radio for podcasts or audio books. You’re in the car or at the gym listening to wo
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image Image credit: How much do you usually spend for a pizza?  Fifteen dollars? This Canadian pizzeria wants you to shell out more than that – a lot more.

Steveston Pizza charges as whopping $450 for its "C6" Pizza, topped with lobster and black Alaskan cod, with a side of Russian caviar. The pizzeria is known for its creative combinations, offering other pizzas with caramelized duck confit, pomme frites and Icelandic scampi.

The pizza seems like a promising pie to topple the Guinness World Record's current most expensive pizza – a thin-crust creation topped with shavings from a rare Italian truffle, sold for 100 po
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image Robert Iger, Marissa Mayer, Leslie Moonves -- all are distinguished leaders with multimillion-dollar salaries to boot. But documents recently filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission reveal that one of the highest-paid chief executives in the nation leads a little-known company that has never even turned a profit.

That CEO, Charif Souki, heads up Cheniere Energy, a Houston-based company aiming to be the first to capitalize on the fracking boom by liquefying and exporting shale gases, reports Al Jazeera.

At the helm of this effort, Souki took home $142 million in 2013 -- dwarfing the executive pay grades of far larger energy companies, including Exx
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image London, April 28 (IANS) Move over electric cars. Plan a family trip on a private electricity-powered jets instead!

France-based aircraft maker Airbus is ready to foray into making passenger jets powered by hybrid electric engines.

The planned plane can take off and land using electric power, and carry about 70-90 people.

"The full-fledged plane can hit the tarmac between 15 and 20 years," Jean Botti, Airbus Group chief technology officer, was quoted as saying in media reports.

A 9.5-metre prototype that Airbus is touting as the precursor to hybrid passenger aircraft recently made a demonstration above Merignac airport in F
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image Seoul, South Korea: Samsung Electronics Co Ltd`s smartphone shipments rose 28 percent to 89 million units in the first quarter, but the world`s top handset maker lost market share to Chinese and other rivals, research firm Strategy Analytics said on Tuesday.

Samsung`s smartphone market share fell to 31.2 percent from 32.4 percent a year ago, followed by Apple Inc which dropped to 15.3 percent from 17.5 percent, Strategy Analytics said.

China`s Huawei Technologies had 4.7 percent market share, unchanged from the previous year, while Lenovo Group Ltd boosted its share to 4.7 percent from 3.9 percent. (Zee News)
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